A new paradigm, beating swords into ploughshares, helping others help themselves, and the Beijing Consensus
China and Middle East security: A conversation with former PLA Senior Colonel Zhou Bo

February 2023

Raisi's Beijing visit: To old friends and new partners, the biggest victim, and distorted mirrors
China’s New Security Architecture for the Middle East
Do you want to play a discourse game, enemy of my enemy, thirst for blood, and a turn of a friendly card

January 2023

Laying a firm foundation in the hearts and minds of the people of the world, and finding the spiritual genes of the Chinese nation
Are you not entertained, equal partners, winning the race, and 'cause we've ended as lovers

December 2022

Xi's Saudi trip: Popular, a whole new world, guiding the Arabs, and it's the politics, stupid
Xi's Saudi trip: a watershed moment, looking East, a larger role, and version 4.0 of Sino-Arab ties
The Role of Intellectuals in Constructing China's International Discourse Power

November 2022

Talkin' Bout a Revolution
Tenacious development, being tolerant, myth busters, and it's the end of the world as we know it