Didn't know The Buttertones. Very cool.

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China is not America. Weirdly enough, their politics are utterly unlike ours and, even weirder, they like theirs MUCH more than we like ours.

As to "Regardless of the economic contributions it makes to its partners, the initiative has had an “image problem” in recent years due to corruption, lack of transparency, and damage to the environment and to workers’ rights," the 'image problem' was entirely created by our spiteful media, not the projects. Ask BRI partners about the economic contributions it makes to them and they'll tell you its 100:1 helpful over harmful and that they got what they ordered.

It's hard to believe anyone who knows China would write this: "With the 69-year-old Xi entering his third term and no successor in sight, the initiatives are accompanied by a personality cult campaign (party-state propaganda aptly coined the term “Xivilization”)”.

Deng Thought ended in 2021, with all its goals achieved, and Xi Thought sets the agenda through 2049. They're named after presidents because 90% of people relate to other people, not to ideas, so they want folks to remember, "This is the goal Xi set back in the twenties”. The intention is similar to numbering policy aims, like The Three Represents. It keeps everyone on the same page and headed in the direction that 96% of them say they want to go.

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